Instructor development

So, You Want to Get Your Course Approved? Here's How

How do you take an idea for a course and create an approved elective for professionals? What do I need to get an approval? What is an instructional objective and how do I write one? How do I find the right resources and order the content for my course? How do I know if the course is effective?

All these questions and more will be answered in this program. You can choose which modules you need---and learn how to develop, market, and write your course so that your students can get the certification or credits they need.

If you need this program for credit, you will have to complete ALL 8 lessons in this program. A certificate will be issued upon completion of all assignments and all modules.

This course was developed and is taught by Deborah Long ("Debbie" to her students) who has a doctorate in adult education and has taught licensed professionals and secondary students for 50 years.

Course Number: 101 Name of elective cou...: So, You Want to Get Your Course Approved...

  • Introduction to the course
  • Video: How to navigate this course
  • Course objectives and goals
  • Course Manual: Handbook for teaching licensed professionals
  • Rules of engagement
  • Your instructor
  • Resources for Good Writing
  • Lesson 1: How to choose a topic for your course
  • 1.1 Choosing a course topic
  • 1.2 Formal needs assessment
  • 1.3 Read the handout: Needs assessment
  • 1.4 Needs assessment: A Review
  • Lesson 2. How to write instructional goals and objectives
  • 2.1 Writing instructional goals
  • 2.2 Instructional goals review
  • 2.3 Writing instructional objectives
  • 2.4 Read the handout: Action verbs for the cognitive domain and subdomains
  • 2.5 Review: Let's review action verbs
  • 2.6 Additional resources for Bloom's Taxonomy
  • 2.7 Assignment: It's Your Turn_Rewrite these instructional objectives
  • 2.8 Instructional objectives for the affective and psychomotor domains
  • 2.9 Review of instructional goal and objectives
  • 2.10 Assignment: It's your turn_Create instructional objectives
  • 2.11 Assignment: It's Your Turn_Create IG and IOs
  • 2.12 What do you remember? A review
  • Lesson 3: how to select and design Instruction
  • 3.1 Designing the course
  • 3.2 Read the handout: Instructional strategies
  • 3.3 Choosing course activities
  • 3.4 An example of instructional choices
  • 3.5 Assignment: It's Your Turn_Create a Game
  • Lesson 4: how to Select Instructional Resources
  • 4.1 Find course content
  • 4.2 Assignment: It's Your Turn_ How foggy are you?
  • 4.3 Preface: Finding the resources
  • 4.4 Using Google and Google Scholar
  • 4.5 Using Google Earth
  • 4.6 Wait...there's more on Google
  • 4.7 Using World Cat
  • 4.8 Copyright Issues for teachers
  • 4.9 Read the handout: Copyright Issues for Teachers
  • 4.10 Assignment: It's Your Turn_ Googling
  • Lesson 5: How to order course content
  • 5.1 Ordering course content
  • 5.2 Storytelling
  • 5.3 Assignment: It's Your Turn_ Order these topics
  • 5.4 Ordering your lesson plan
  • 5.5 Lesson planning
  • 5.6 Read the handouts: Lesson plan templates
  • Lesson 6: How to Create Budget and Administrative Plan
  • 6.1 Budgeting
  • 6.2 Read the handout: Startup Budget
  • 6.3 Assignment on budgeting
  • 6.4 Delivering the course
  • Lesson 7: How to design a Marketing Plan
  • 7.1 Marketing your courses
  • 7.2 Reading Assignment: Marketing your course
  • 7.3 Wharton School's lessons on marketing
  • Lesson 8: How to Evaluate Student, Teacher and Course Performance
  • 8.1 Evaluating student performance
  • 8.2 Read the handout: Basic test format items
  • 8.3 Choosing the right test
  • 8.4 Parts of a multiple choice test
  • 8.5 Typical problems with multiple-choice MC questions
  • 8.6 Defeating testwise strategies
  • 8.7 Bad Test Questions: Let's Review
  • 8.8 Assessing teachers and courses
  • 8.9 Why do we evaluate ourselves and our courses?
  • 8.10 Handout: Adult education competencies
  • 8.11 Handout: Instructor self-evaluation
  • Putting it all together
  • Handouts: Instructor's Guide and "You've Been Served"
  • Would you like my feedback?
  • So Long, Farewell...for now
  • Now it's your turn. Please provide some feedback.
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever